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    Andy Pac makes container and jar coolers of different designs, bi-directional accumulating tables, container single filing conveyors, table top container conveyors, and special container feed tables.

    Andy Pac makes coolers that cool uncapped jars, such as hot petroleum jelly. They use cold air to cool the jar, where the first jar in is the first jar out, in a serpentine fashion. The cold air is blown in the front end and picked up at the bottom of the cooler at the tail end and recycled through the cooling unit mounted under the cooler. The picture on the right give a good view of the electrical enclosure and both drives on the exit side of the cooler. Below is a view of the inside of the cooler on the inward feed side, which is where cold air is blown.

    The picture to the right is an eight foot by 40 foot cooler using water too cool down spaghetti sauce jars. The jars are around 180-200 degrees entering and exit around 80-90 degrees. We make coolers of all sizes to fit your specific needs. Call us today for a quote.


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